Sacheing the rooms or slicing the rooms


    The shampoo packed in the sachet has increased the consumption of shampoo 3 fold in India within one year of launch. After a turnaround performance of the chic shampoo after launching the concept, many international brands followed their footsteps of chic shampoo.

    Now, apart from shampoo, many consumer durable goods are also introduced the sachet formats to increase their market size. The great marketer’s all-time dream is not only to increase the market share of the product but also to increase the market size of the product, since it facilitates to increase the consumption rabidly.

    The short stay concept introduced by in India is also the same concept of sacheing the rooms or slicing the rooms. This concept of micro stay will also help in expanding the market size by attracts more business travellers. The short stay concept will surely create a great demand which is not been used by the short term travellers namely Business, pilgrimage or social travellers since was not available in the market so far since they were avoiding to book a full day room for a few hours need.

    Now the micro stay concept introduced by in India growing rapidly and will turn around the market for both hoteliers and travellers who are in need of short stay.


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