Slicing the Rooms


    The concept of Micro stay in India in last four years started having over whelming response. Even star category hotels are started beholding this vertical much indulgence than earlier. One of the important statistical tools of REVPAR is now widely gaining importance as equal to the ARR, anyhow the industry can understand mere ARR does not express a performance of a Hotel, but REVPAR does, since REVPAR consider both occupancy and average daily rate.

    The incremental in REVPAR can be optimised in a hotel through this Naval concept of micro stay, which was introduced in India by Slice Rooms, the pioneer in micro stay concept in India.

    Now the slice rooms present across India with around 200 cities covering all frontier of India from Tier 1 to Tier 3 cities across all categories of hotels.

    Now even top executives of the top corporate in India started accelerating this concept, and this response is an evident that this micro stay concept will go long way. Slice rooms, the most popular micro stay portal, not only success in attracting the corporate travellers but also for Pilgrimage travellers, transit travellers also the travellers for attending social events, competitive examinations etc.


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