Future of SliceRooms


The Fever of Corona is getting over, the sentiments in the business is improving substantially. In spite of posting better result by most of the Indian corporates, there are some negativity in the Indian stock market. This may be showing indirectly the negativity still not getting over, may be due to Ukraine war, inflation subsequent to that Repo rate increase etc apart from not giving long ropes on spending. In spite of all, the spending with free flow would be an issue for long future, may be due to the Corona implications might be in deep of the human mind. Due to this, there is an article today about small size of the FMCG products are started selling more than the previous. This data might alter the product mix of the most of the FMCG companies as well. The same structural changes would definitely be witnessing the hotel industry as well. The country like China started witnessing the great change in booking pattern of rooms by emerging micro stay more notably. Slicerooms.com a pioneer in micro stay concept in India too witnessing the great surge in room booking in last three months continuously. I am sure India will also soon be witnessing the micro stay bookings surging drastically. The future of the hotels will definitely be on the success of micro stay concept like Slicerooms.com in India as well. 


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