Untouched profit
Untouched profit

Globally business travellers in India is increasing double fold every year, approx. 2,00,000 business travellers travel every day for a short one day business trip and 50,000 pilgrimage travellers travel same day for other pilgrim locations. In India Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are getting business importance by means business travels to these cities are enlightening.

There are 10,000 organized hotels all over India, means equals to 7 lacs rooms are available to sell every day, approx. 10% of the room guests are checking out early morning, means that 70 thousands rooms are vacant between departure and next guest arrival (unutilized room times).

In India inventory available 70,000, expected ARR realization Rs. 1,500, Potential business per day Rs. 10.50 crores, Potential business Per Month Rs. 315crore, Potential business Per Year Rs. 3,780 crores.

The unexploited Great potential revenue is hither to in our industry
The world of travel and lodging is undergoing a sea change. It is the era of innovation and there are so many new concepts and ideas happening in the hotel industry. Travel has also become shorter and convenient which means long stays may not be always required hence the Slicerooms.com concept will drive the future. Slicerooms.com helps keep the hotel coffers ringing while providing safe, comfortable and affordable hotel stays to the customers. Slicerooms.com being online has far more reach and real time booking service and so definitely Slicerooms.com is here to stay and it serves every purpose and every need of futuristic hotel stays.

The Right online platform is SLICEROOMS.COM to convert this UNTOUCHED PROFIT Into ACTUAL PROFIT.


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