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Globally business travellers in India is increasing double fold every year, approx. 2,00,000 business travellers travel every day for a short one day business trip and 50,000 pilgrimage travellers travel same day for other pilgrim locations
Confirmation of departure time plays a vital role to enhance occupancy

Confirmation of departure time plays a vital role to enhance occupancy

Having a track on Room Position by the Front office personnel is one of their sales skill to elevate occupancy. Confirmation of expected early...
what is slicerooms.com

What is slicerooms.com?

Slicerooms.com is an authentic portal for Micro / Short / Capsule / Hourly stay room booking exclusive for corporate, Business and Pilgrimage travellers. It facilitates...

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SliceRooms is the Future of Hotel Industry

SliceRooms.com is an Online Travel Platform, pioneer in introducing the micro stay concept in India, a unique and a noble concept of...

Future of SliceRooms

The Fever of Corona is getting over, the sentiments in the business is improving substantially. In spite of posting better result by...

Selling service @ 1.3 times

Why should any hoteliers say no to a concept which facilitates to increase their REVPAR by 30%, or sell occupied rooms again...