Hourly Hotels for Business Travellers


It may raise mistrust in your mind if somebody walks into Hotel Reception and asks room for few hours. But it should not be misapprehend for any romantic purposes. Many Business and Pilgrim travellers are looking for rooms for few hours to meet their travel needs.

Hotels for 2, 3, 4 Hours – Those look hotel rooms On “Hourly Basis” near Airport.

The concept of allocating rooms on hourly basis is termed as Micro Stay or Capsule Stay. Though this concept is overwhelmed in many western countries, it is amazing to see the same getting popularised in our country and also expected to get familiar in many countries and developing nations.

This concept suits better for Business, Corporate and Pilgrim Travellers. Micro stay is a Good concept for Hotels to enhance their Bottom Line. Thus Most of the Hotels have understood the importance of Micro Stay and started offering rooms for short stay.
Slicerooms.com is an authentic portal which hosts many hotels Pan India offering Micro Stay.


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