What is slicerooms.com?

    what is slicerooms.com
    what is slicerooms.com

    Slicerooms.com is an authentic portal for Micro / Short / Capsule / Hourly stay room booking exclusive for corporate, Business and Pilgrimage travellers.
    It facilitates optimal utilization of idle room inventory for hotels. Customers can book hotel rooms for anywhere between 2 and 6hrs and need not pay for the entire day if their actual stay is for few hours only.


    Dynamic pricing of tariffs on hourly basis provides customers the comfort to pay only as per use.

    The company has a robust, asset –lighting business model with no inventory buying/minimum guarantee clauses with hotel owners. The company will also be looking at tertiary revenue streams like banquets etc and tie up with airlines etc for lead generation which will further enhance its revenue.

    SliceRooms.com is a virtual marketplace that facilitates to connect both Demand (travelers unmet day stay needs) and supply (unutilized rooms times).

    Currently SliceRooms has a network of 400 hotels across over 20 cities in India including Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Trivandrum etc.

    It facilitates optimal utilization of idle room inventory for these hotels; thereby creating an additional revenue stream increasing the bottom line for hotel owners.

    A SliceRooms customer staying for less than 24 hrs only pays for the hours of stay instead of the full day charge.

    The dynamic pricing allows micro stays of 2 to 6 hours with a focus on catering to needs of business, waiting and in transit travelers.


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